Spain, international student’s paradise

Why Spain is considered a paradise for international students? 

In this video, we will show you a bit of Spain. This country is now considered as a paradise for international students. Mainly, because they fell in love with this interesting culture.


Nowadays, Spain is one of the countries in the European Union which send and receive more students. The reason? it’s simple. Students enjoy the good weather, the quality of the study programs and the Spaniards. Not for nothing, Spain is considered the best country in Europe to study abroad for the travel platform Intriper.

We have already mentioned 10 reasons why Spain attracts students. But it’s not enough, for describing all the benefits that this country can offer to international students, especially to French student’s.

Our advisors realized 

French students who doesn’t speak spanish can improve their level in only 4 months

On average, our advisors have noticed that for French speakers is easy to learn Spanish in a short period of time and it’s even easier if they speak English. When you speak more than one language, it is easier to learn another. In addition, research on bilingual children has shown that bilingual people face logical reasoning challenges differently. The long-term benefits of multilingualism are well-documented and they are at your fingertips. 

Perhaps you decide to go to Spain, but you don’t know where and what to study. That’s why we are here to help you and guide you on this new journey.  Check what we have to offer you !!!