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Here you will find answers to your frequently asked questions about Student’s Mobility and how to study abroad

Our Agency 

How Student’s Mobility can help me with my studies?

We will show you options for programs abroad and you can choose the one that best fits your needs and your budget. Student’s Mobility has been a specialist for more than 4 years in accompanying students abroad. More than an administrative management, it is a human and academic experience. We offer you the best student experience possible. 

Besides Spain, in which other countries can I study abroad?

 You can also study in countries such as Germany, Cypre, Morocco, the Netherlands, Portugal and Switzerland. In Spain, you have options like: Barcelona, Madrid, Tenerife, Valencia and Zaragoza.

Are you specialized in a specific educational field?

No, you can study abroad in different areas of education, consult our academic offer, in the following link: https://studentsmobility.com/formations/

What is the cost of your services?

Our services are free. We will assist you in the following areas:

  • University enrollment
  • Organization of language holidays / gap year
  • Profile analysis 
  • Individualized counseling.


The rest of our services have an additional cost. Check with your advisor for the costs of finding accommodation and  the “credencial de acceso”Remember, we have trained and skilled staff looking for accommodation for you. Our counselors speak the language of the place where you will study to facilitate your trip.

We will also help you organize meetings with the representatives of the university of your choice. We will give you all the information on how to open a bank account, and much more. Our services will save you many registration fees!

If I do not speak the language, what kind of help can I get?

We can help you, offering language courses or a gap year. In the case of Spain, we have Spanish courses in 10 cities, such as: Alicante, Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga or Tenerife, among others. You choose the destination, the schedule, the duration of the course and the amount to pay.

Ask your advisor!

Do you help me in the search for accommodation?

YES. A last step and your project becomes reality! Student’s Mobility helps you to find accommodation close to your university for your studies in Spain:

  • Apartment
  • Flatsharing
  • Homestay.


Paperwork abroad 

Do I need some sort of visa to study abroad?

If you are a citizen of the EU, EEE and Swiss and you are a student traveling to any of the destinations we offer, you have the right to study there without a visa permit.

Do you have financing plans or scholarships?

You should consult the financing and scholarship plans directly with the university of your choice.

Will I have to do many administrative procedures to study abroad?

No, we take care of doing most of the paperwork for you.We will publish the pre-registration and registration dates for each cycle on our website. However, the process that you must complete is divided into 3 stages, which are:


1.Creation of your file 2. Admission tests 3. Admissions and subsequent steps
 Application form (we will send it to you by email and we will tell you how to complete it).

Photocopy of identity document or passport.

-Highschool score 

Motivation letter (between 250 and 500 words – written in the language of your course).

Admission tests can be done:

  • On the site (during the open days) -> RECOMMENDED
  • Online
  • In our offices in Paris by appointment.



The admission assessment will be as follows:

– On file (including high school grades)

-Admission tests (Languages ​​and personality)

Once admitted, you will have a limited time to be able to make the payment of the reservation of the place and the opening of file.


If I study abroad, will my diploma be recognized in France?

 Yes, since your degree will have an academic and professional recognition granted by another country of the European Union in accordance with the principle of ECTS (European Credit Transfer System).

Do I have to purchase medical insurance? Do you have that service?

You do not have to follow any procedure if you have a European health card. You are in this case if you have the nationality of a country of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein,  Norway or Switzerland. If you want to have a wider coverage and immediate action. Consult with one of our advisors to know other alternatives.


In what language will my classes be?

 In Spanish, French, English or Italian, it depends on the program you decide to study abroad.

What will be the duration of my studies abroad?

This depends on the career you choose, a cycle of higher education lasts, on average, between 4 and 5 years. We suggest that you verify the duration of the program in the following link: https://studentsmobility.com/formations/

Will I have to take a placement level test?

Usually yes, Some universities have their own test for all students who complete an admission process.  These tests are sometimes done at the University’s facilities or online. It will depend on your institution to decide the format and whether it accepts external certificates.

Can I cancel or interrupt my studies abroad?

Once you have started your registration process and have been accepted by the University. You should deal directly with the institution any type of inconvenience you may have.

Will I have holidays? When?

The school period is divided into two semesters with vacation periods and exams. Students begin classes at the same time, around mid-September, and end in mid-May. The final exams take place at the end of December and are done in the same way in May or mid July in case that you have to take back the subject. . For example,  there are 11 days of holidays  in France and 14 in Spain.

Live in Spain 

Will I be able to work abroad? Do you help me get a job?

 If you are a French citizen or from another European Union country, you can work part-time or full-time. It will depend on your activities as student. In our article “Guide to find a job  in Spain as a student” , you can learn more about it. However, we cannot help you directly to find a  job.

What will my monthly expenses be abroad?

We have an updated article about the monthly expenses that you will have when you live in Spain. Visit the following link: Cost of living in Spain as a student.