10 Reasons why Spain attracts students

Spain has a variety of study abroad programs, many taught in English, not only in Spanish. But why does Spain attract so many students? Here we list the main reasons: 

1. The trip: because we regularly hear "looking forward to traveling to Spain for holidays". While you... you can study in Spain (and we envy you).
2. Training: because the Spanish education system is of high quality and at Student’s Mobility we offer you a wide variety of courses and always close to your wishes.
3. The sun: because we are not going to lie, Spanish melanin and vitamin E have necessarily weighted in your decision at one time or another.
4. Discover a new language: because it is the second language used in the world and it is time to have other vocabulary words than "vamos a la playa". We will direct you to language agencies to perfect your language skills.
5. The atmosphere and its people: because they are welcoming and breave, the Spanish people will welcome you as it should be.  We Promise you!
6. Extra value at your CV: because you still have an international CV and a European diploma, amazing isn’t it?
7. Culture: from music to gastronomy, from the architecture of the buildings to the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, it is impossible not to be immersed in this culture.
8. Rent prices: because housing is cheaper than in France. Although in Madrid the rent for a student remains high (but less than in Paris), the collocation remains a good solution. We will help you find a home for your convenience.

 9. Proximity to France: because it can be overwhelming for those who are afraid to leave their loved ones and go to a new  country. Do not forget that we will put you in touch with other students who are in the same journey.
10. Tapas: because of tapas! 


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