Spain, the best country in Europe to study abroad

Students prefer Spain to study abroad
The quality of the Spanish education system is superior to others in Europe

Choosing a destination for temporary study outside your home country is one of the most difficult decisions young people have to make before taking this adventure.

The travel platform Intriper has selected Spain as the European country that best suits the educational preferences of international students.  Academic, cultural and social factors are what motivate students to study and live in Spain. 

Spain has been one of the countries that have received and sent more students to study abroad in recent years. But what are the reasons why Spain is so attractive to students? The results were based on a survey of more than 20,000 students, where the main reasons are that this country offers excellent educational quality. Students get quality learning, make friends easily and get professional contacts. 


Cultural factor big factor when it comes to choosing

Spain, monument, building
Metropol Parasol . Sevilla, Spain

The Spanish culture is very strong and although it produces a cultural shock for foreign students, it is valued positively. In this way, the history and culture together with the distinctive lifestyle characteristic of southern Europe, make Spain the best European place to study abroad.

Living and studying alone in Spain is not a cause for concern, because it is a friendly country. Foreign students tend to make friends easily.

The cost of housing and college programs is another plus. Although the Nordic countries tend to have a better education system. Spain has one of the best environments for international students, even above them.

Other important destinations

In this aspect, countries such as the Netherlands and Switzerland also stand out, second and third in the ranking respectively. In the case of the Netherlands, it is the third country in Europe with the best evaluation of the quality of teaching and is perceived as the fourth best place to pursue professional objectives.

On the other hand, countries such as France and Greece are also an ideal place for foreigners to study a new language or visit the Mediterranean Sea.